Pride Punks

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Pride Punks

The First CryptoPunks Derivative


Pride Punks


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What is the purpose?

How is this achieved?

What does ownership provide?

  • Generative art

  • Diverse

  • Inclusive

  • Historic NFT

  • + 0 more

Are NFTs minted in 2018 and 2022 on different contracts?

Are these NFTs original 2018 NFTs?

If PridePunks are from 2018, can I un-wrap the 2022 smart contract?

How many NFTs were minted in 2018?

Does the wrapper hold the new token? How does this work?

Is the mint function on the 2018 unlimimted?

Is there a 'wrapper' contract? And does it hold the NFTs?

But I heard talk about a wrapper? What does this mean?

Did you say PridePunkDao?

How do we join the DAO?

How much control will the creator maintain over the contracts?