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Humans Of NFT is a community-driven project of 1500 truly unique characters who call the Ethereum Blockchain home. This new collection is an extension of the original 229 Genesis Humans minted on through Opensea in March of 2021. The original Humans will exchanged through a burn mechanism for their replacement tokens in the new collection. Each Human has a handwritten backstory, included in their metadata, that was contributed by a member of the community through the Authors Program. Each Author earned free Humans in exchange for their contributions. Max 4 mints per address (though this does not include claiming Genesis Humans, Honoraries, or Humans earned through the Authors Program). Apart from the Genesis Humans, Token IDs are assigned randomly at mint. As such, you can browse the collection before minting to see if you like the art. There is no reveal, what you see is what you get, no overhyped reveal with disappointing results and, best of all, no sniping. The project's founders are two brothers from South Africa: @HodCaulfield (The Developer) and @Soloist (The Artist). They're separated by an ocean as @HodICaulfield now calls New York home, but NF Is gave them the opportunity to collaborate on a project that combines both of their passions - art and technology - at a distance. A portion of the project's revenue will go to supporting an Early Childhood Development centre in an underprivileged community outside of Cape Town. Humans <3 Humans



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